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Mind Your Own Listings 2017 is the latest version of a program to help real estate professionals in recording, updating, reporting and analyzing their listings.  Although we expect many who use the program will be the sole user of the program the license is per office.  This will allow multiple agents in the same small office to install the program on their own laptop and use the same license key to remove the 30 day trial limitation.  The program can also be setup on a LAN (Local Area Network) for multiple users to connect to the same database as other agents.  While you may participate in a MLS - Multi List Service - Mind Your Own Listings is provided as a buy it once, use it forever program with no continuing costs.  It allows you the ability to enter a variety of information about the listings you care most about - your listings.  Property you sell.  In addition to providing an easy way to add, record and update information about your listings, including an unlimited amount of photographs, MYOL provides a variety of already designed reports that are ready to print and export.  You can also use the built in report designer to create your own reports from scratch or modify copies of the standard reports.

This help file can be accessed here or from within the program.  When using the program click the menu shown below - there is a small triangle to let you access this menu.  Then choose Show Help.


The left side of the Mind Your Own Listings screen has a Navigation Bar that will allow you to move easily from one part of the program to another.  The Top section of the Navigation Bar let's you open a grid for the Files (Attachments, Features, Listings, Office Use Only, People, Photographs, Sales History, Schools and Tax History.

When you click the Reports Header, that section, which includes buttons to access Dashboards and Reports, will come to the top.  Similarly, when you click the Security heading that section of the Navigation Bar will come to the top and allow for selecting My Details (to change password for example), the Role section to add or change Roles, and a User section to add or change Users that can be assigned to Roles.


A Tool bar with tabs and Ribbons is shown along the top of the screen.  The options displayed on the tool bar will change depending on the main window displayed.  For example, buttons shown when previewing a report will be different then the buttons shown when a Grid is the main window.  Still different buttons will be displayed when a window is open for adding or editing records. The first tool bar shown is when a record is open for editing.  Options include a Clone button to make a copy of the open record.  A button to delete the open record is also shown.  Some record screens have a Validate button to be sure rules are not broken - such as a required field cannot be left empty and some fields cannot contain a duplicate value.

A different tool bar is displayed when a grid or list view is selected.  For example a box is available in a grid view tool bar to let you search the grid for text you enter. Even text in field that is not displayed in the grid, such as Notes can be searched.  NOTE:  Text searching is CaSe Sensitive.  So if a name is "Smith" and you enter "smith" it will not be found.  The same is true when using the Filter Editor.

When a list of reports is displayed the tool bar is even more different.  With the reports list grid you have buttons to Show the Report Designer or Execute Report (Preview it) as well as an Edit button.  The Edit button is not to design the report itself but to change the report name or to allow it to be an In Place Report.  In Place Reports are that that will be available from the drop down list labeled Show In Report.

In addition to tool bars that show buttons appropriate to the window displayed, Right Click menus that are displayed when you click the Right mouse button, will also be different based on the object displayed.  For example when the Report List is displayed the Right Click menu with specific options such as the Show Report Designer and Execute Report options

The tool bars for security items are also changed as appropriate.  For example, when viewing My Details and option may be available to let you change your password.