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NEW Version and new web site - July 17, 2017.

Yes, you most likely subscribe to a Multi Listing Service, maybe more than one.  Mind Your Own Listings is Microsoft Windows (Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation) based program to allow you to concentrate on your own listings. Document the things you want to about each listing, then analyze and report on your listings with the included reports and dashboards.  You can use the provided reports or use the Report Designer to create your own.

You can customize the screens in a variety of ways, too.  I will soon be posting a video to show you how to customize the listings detail screen for example.  Check back soon and often.  The help file is provided online.  I am continuing to update the on line help and will be adding videos soon.  However, you can always email me with your questions or comments.  I may develop a video to address any particular question and either reply to your email with a link to the Video or may add a link to the video on this web site.

You know there are a variety of items that are related to each listing - buyers, sellers, photographs, features, schools and more.  Mind Your Own Listings makes it easy for you to graphically link and unlink these related items.

This web site will help you learn about the program and you can download a fully functional 30 day trial version from this web site.  If you decide you like the program and want to continue using it, just buy a license.  This is not a subscription but is a one time purchase.  You will receive a license key that you can use on multiple computers in your office.  Muliple agents in your office?  No problem, each agent can install and use the program to manage just his or her listings, or if you have Local Area Network share a single database with each agent using their own login name and password while you have the Administrator account to control permissions and roles and users.  

Copyright 2017. All rights reserved. Dennis Baggott
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